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Mendelssohn-Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night Dream


The project, conceived to celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death (1616-2016), includes the performance of Mendelssohn's complete incidental music for "A Midsummer Night Dream" in the original version for piano four hands. A narrator will read some excerpts from Shakespeare's play, according to the textual indications written out by Mendelssohn in his score.   

Alessandra Ammara and Roberto Prosseda, piano duet

Narrator: to be defined, according with the available dates 

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: A Midsummer Night Dream op. 61a

- Ouverture
- Scherzo 
- Elfen March
- Intermezzo
- Notturno
- Wedding March 
- Funeral March
- Ein Tanz von Rupelm
- Finale 

Alessandra Ammara and Roberto Prosseda recorded this music in the CD Decca with Mendelssohn's complete works for four-hands piano (2015).

The Premiere of this project will take place at the Montebello Festival in Bellinzona (Switzerland) on July 5, 2016, live at the Radio Radio Svizzera Italiana.